About the Project

The Washington Secondary/Morristown Line Corridor extends from Phillipsburg to Morristown and provides rail freight access to businesses in Warren and Morris Counties. The project area involves the segment of the Washington Secondary located to the north of the central business district in Phillipsburg, Warren County.

Economic redevelopment initiatives and previous studies have recognized the need to support existing rail freight customers and to explore attracting new customers along the Washington Secondary corridor. The national standard for freight rail access is defined by the dimensions (Plate "F" which is 17 feet high and 10.5 feet wide) and weight of a railcar (286,000 pounds or 286K loaded railcar). The Washington Secondary corridor cannot currently support this standard. The primary obstacle is a vertical constraint under the South Main Street Bridge.

This study aims to develop and assess potential alternatives to address the vertical clearance constraint imposed on rail traffic by the overhead South Main Street Bridge to allow passage of larger freight rail cars that have become the new standard for freight rail.